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Don't be like Alice

In the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland", Alice's conversation with the Cheshire Cat offers a profound nugget of wisdom.

“Where should I go?” says Alice.

“That depends on where you want to end up!” replies Cheshire Cat.

Over the last couple of months, we've been struck by how many companies are rolling into 2024 without a clear business plan, they mirror Alice's indecision and lack of direction. The Cheshire Cat's message rings true: without a destination in mind, any path will suffice. However, for businesses, this lack of direction can be perilous.

Why the lack of planning?

The disconnect between plans and results in recent years has led some to abandon business planning altogether. Others, comfortable or stuck in their routines, continue serving a similar client base with broadly similar propositions and seem to gradually lose a little ground every year. While understandable, this lack of direction and purpose results ultimately in frustration for all stakeholders as a lack of progress is ultimately a catalyst for decay.

The Urgency of Planning

As we enter February, it's not too late for businesses to recalibrate and set a clear course for the year. The key lies in igniting excitement about a compelling vision. A vision that not only outlines the end goal but also the journey there and the purpose behind it all. A simple, clear plan, adequately resourced and diligently tracked, can transform the trajectory of a business.

Of course, you must have a clear and compelling vision that you and the team believe in. And ask yourself, what is your purpose? How are you going to positively impact society and create long-term value? If that isn’t clear, go and take some time to define, believe, and be motivated by it. If it doesn’t meet those criteria, no amount of planning is going to get you there.

Our “Dream with a Plan” template is what an ideal one-page plan should look like. Contact us if you would like to discuss how this can support your vision moving forward and to receive an editable version.

Our "Dream with a Plan" template

Takeaways for a Prosperous Year

Revisit Your Vision: It's never too late to redefine where you want your business to go. Align your team with this vision and purpose.

Plan with Flexibility: While it's important to have a plan, be prepared to adapt it in response to unforeseen challenges and opportunities.

Celebrate Small Wins: Acknowledge and celebrate progress. This builds confidence and maintains momentum towards your larger goals.

In conclusion, while it's tempting to drift like Alice in a world of constant change, businesses must resist this allure. By setting a clear direction, simplifying strategies, empowering teams, defining your purpose and tracking progress, companies can navigate the uncertainties of the business landscape with confidence.

Remember, a well-charted course is the first step towards a successful journey. And an annual plan, even if it starts from February (or later), is much better than no plan at all.

As Alice says, “the only way to achieve the impossible, is to believe the possible.”


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