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Something we do with you. Not to you.

At actus incredible things happen when you focus on growth with purpose

We combine the ambition and vision of business leaders with our deep expertise to develop a practical strategy to get the business where it needs to be. 


Each step an achievable action. The right level of involvement depending on your needs. Access to hands-on expertise where it will have most impact. 

working with us

working with actus

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We take your success seriously and will be there with you to make it happen

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We look for better, smarter ways to move your business and our industry forward

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We believe in clear, actionable plans that can fix issues and create momentum

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We are precise and direct – making each step clear and outputs tangible

four pillars
Built on Four Pillars of Expertise

We specialise in answering the difficult questions around how to grow your business, to maximise stakeholder value.

Our team of experts, with extensive experience in a variety of fields, collaborates closely with you to develop tailored solutions that align with your unique culture, circumstances, and long-term objectives.


We answer the difficult questions of how to grow your business to maximise stakeholder value



Define the reason for your company's existence beyond just generating profits.

It is about having a clear dream with a plan that positively impacts society and creates long-term value.

Being a purpose driven organisations you are more likely to engage and motivate employees, customers, and stakeholders by demonstrating that their actions contribute to a greater good.

Examples of projects we deliver

Understand and refine your company’s reason for existing:

  • Business purpose analysis

  • Ambition identification & refinement

  • Journey mapping & key steps

  • Resource evaluation & strategy

putting shape to your ambitions

Our tried-and-tested Business Growth Programme is the foundation of how we work with businesses – creating clear direction, outcomes and accountability for everyone involved


Understand your business


Align on your future


Build your

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Refine your proposition


Boost new business


Improve financial performance


Create powerful teams


Solutions designed around you

With our combined experience and in-depth knowledge, we’ll tailor the solutions and advice you need to build success for your business and maximise returns for shareholders. 

Our clients work with actus for a clear plan to drive and manage your business growth and strategies that will increase the profitability and asset value of your business.

optimising growth


As pure sector specialists and having run businesses ourselves, we know what it takes to grow a business.


​Working closely with you, we will assess where the real value of your business lies. Then, we will set out an action plan to optimise its growth. This could include:


  • An 80 point business health check, including an in-depth survey to assess the value of your client base

  • Benchmarking competitors, market analysis and optimising business structure for growth (including international)

  • Establishing a high-performance management team and identifying operational and financial improvements

  • Three-year financial modelling​

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“Working with Dan is an absolute pleasure! Dan has a very natural ability to elevate your thinking out of the day to day and into the longer term & bigger picture.


Dan’s process is supported by his extensive knowledge of solid, tried & tested methodologies. However, Dan is a people person, and his real strength lies in his human approach which in my direct experience saw him help really engage me and my leadership team in our plan to drive the business forward with a clear vision, accountability and camaraderie.”

Nick Armitage, CEO, Nonsense

who we are
Your Actus Team
Dan Egerton
Managing Partner

Dan has a clear and straightforward aim: to create more opportunities for his clients and increase their long-term value. To achieve this, he provides a clear understanding of the current status of the business, a focus on the strategic direction and support around operational change. Importantly, all his work is driven by improving the way teams work together and creating a high performing team to deliver the strategic plans.


He has worked with over 100 companies as well as setting up and running businesses himself. Having worked extensively across many sectors including Property, Marketing Communications and Technology sectors, he knows how to break down barriers to business’ growth and profitability.


Dan takes a very hands-on approach with all his clients, working closely with the senior management team to transform the business. He spent seven years working in the consultancy practice of a boutique investment bank. He started his career at PwC, and previously worked at Baker Tilly.

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